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Would you like to make a good first impression? We offer a full service of graphic & web design as we have years of experience in graphic design, DTP, 2D and 3D visualization and animation... and of course in making original web pages.

Help us to fully understand...

your industry, your business and your needs. We create each project to your objectives and requirements.

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About us

We are a small team of big talent specializing in design solutions for businesses like yours. We like our companies to be successful...

...why choose us?

We work with the latest technologies and you will always get our best work because, simply put, we know no other way. We completely submerge ourselves in every new project, and only come up for air when we’ve explored the deepest depths of our creativity. In spite of this we do not charge unneeded expenses, and we certainly are NOT a high-priced studio.

You will know ahead what you will pay for. You can rely on our fair-play attitude.

  • Price quote for free.
  • Complete cost estimate. No hidden fees.
  • Have questions? Ready to dive in? Let us know.

From design and layout, dynamic website development to compelling copy for all of your materials - twentyfive offers a full-spectrum of agency support to meet your growing needs. Whether your project calls for a splash of humour, or a hint of elegance, twentyfive provides imaginative concepts with flawless execution for businesses and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes.

We are also available to work with design and branding companies on a freelance or contract work basis.

  • logo/icon design, visual identity, branding applications
  • creative concept, graphic design, typography
  • banners, leaflets, brochures, collateral, websites
  • illustration, photography, photo research, packaging
  • interior and exterior signage
  • 2D and 3D visualisation, animation

We believe our reputation for strong business ethics, creative design, skilled craftsmen and quality materials is essential to the success of every project we submit to.

We started web and graphic design many years ago and progressively developed our artistic sense through Graphic Design School and other inspirational/educational resources to feed our creativity and curiosity. We prefer long-term partnership in which both sides benefit, but we work on projects of almost any size. Graphic design is not only our job, but joy and hobby as well. Many happy customers are coming back for more.

The everyday life of today's connected consumer

These days, app-packed smartphones and bandwidth-busting broadband connections are becoming the norm. Cisco surveyed college students and workers, 18-30 years old, in 18 countries to see how the new connected reality affects daily life.

  • Status updates for breakfast: 9/10 get dressed, brush their teeth, and check their smartphone as part of their morning routine.90%

  • Online all the time: 60% of Gen-Y members find themselves compusively checking their smartphones for emails, texts, or social media updates.60%

  • Facebook fan: Out of those surveyed, 87% have a Facebook account, and one in ten always has Facebook up.87%

  • Private photos: Almost 90% say they upload photos to share or store on internet sites, and 60% upload videos to share or store on those sites. 90%

  • Text-driving: Almost one in five respondents admit to texting while driving.20%

What they say about us...

I am satisfied... you deliver quality results. Dušan Dvořáček, DK PNEU
Let me thank you for a good partnership and I am looking forward to any future opportunity to work with you again. František Kůst, Communications management at Moravské naftové doly, a.s.
We are content with the cooperation with the design studio twentyfive. Petr Šoupal, owner of Audit účetnictví
I would like to thank you not only for the set up of the advertising campaign but for the over-all partnership and attitude. F. Kust, B4U

What to expect?

Good design is an invaluable tool to help achieve your goals and is at the heart of everything we do. Equally important, however, is to make the design process enjoyable, accessible, and rewarding for you. You are guaranteed a personal and honest approach packed with passion, skill, simplicity and creative thinking. Our aim is to reflect your unique business personality in your visual identity and through every marketing media touchpoint with the result to maximize your brand.

The second opportunity will never come around to make a good impression.

Identity design needs to have purpose and represent your business. Our aims are therefore simple: help in achieving your objectives and let your business identity shine its best throughout every marketing medium to draw in those clients.

We do not seek "clients", but you, real partners in our creative work. Continuously honing our skills with each new project our speciality lies in strategic focused brand design. As there are countless companies around the globe who need differentiation through their brand this leaves endless opportunities to help them stand out through identity design.

We don't only design, after gaining an understanding of your business we provide valuable input and strategic thinking during the process of establishing your visual identity.

What exactly will I receive during the course of the project?

Generally speaking, we send a presentation showing two effective brand identity solutions. Depending on the formats, contexts and clients brief, we give a variety of possible applications related to your brand.

We offer branding design services, ideally complete from logo design, helping to establish your visual identity, to marketing applications that connect and engage with your customers. With the aim to boost growth and add value to your business. We also provide valuable input and smart thinking during this process so you gain the most benefits of good design.

Each branding project is different.

What is the duration of a project?

Time frames vary from a few weeks to a few months, with the schedule depending almost entirely on the list of applications, whether web design is needed, etc. When can you start? This depends on how many projects we currently have running. Get in touch to know more or to plan.

We keep our promises and stick to agreed deadlines.

As a multidisciplinary branding and graphic design studio we help businesses to maximize their brand by providing strategic focused design solutions for logo identity, branding, print, advertising, web and online media to attract clients and increase sales.

Creative ideas are developed in partnership with clients.

In order to promote effectively your visual identity and branding we use the following process:
  • Understanding your business through listening and learning about your products or services is essential to produce quality work.
  • Interpreting and creating concepts that stand out, inspire and engage your audience, staying close to original brand key elements.
  • Executing and adapting great solutions across relevant marketing communication channels making sure consistency is kept throughout.

Our angle on design is that it cannot be viewed without qualitative differentiation and its not a standard product. We work with customers who value the services provided accordingly and believe that design really adds value to their business to make the first impression count.

See your brand identity design as a necessary investment to stand out not as a cost. Combined with the quality of your great service or product it will stand the test of time and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Choosing the right material, quality offset and digital print, and other technical solutions...

Thanks to our highly-tested methods we can use for a unique output specific die-cut shapes, papers and surface finishing treatments. We have control over web and other technologies. We co-operate with proven suppliers and manufacturers. It all creates opportunities for your brand to grow.

  • Stationery (eco friendly pdf or printed) is an excellent way to visually emphasize your brand message and personality.
  • Branding Guidelines to help to guarantee that your visual identity is used consistently across all marketing media channels to prevent mixed and confusing messages. In a simplified form beneficial for smaller companies and sole traders too.
  • Icons & Illustrations – consistent and inline with your branding message, can be very helpful to simplify and enhance communication with your customers.
  • Print Collateral – the list is endless but it all depends on your marketing strategy, your budget and how you wish to engage with your customers.
  • Web & Online Media – we will work closely together to create innovative experiences that showcase your products and engage your audience.
  • Signage – van advertising, vehicle wrapping, billboards, transit signs, indoor or outdoor advertising, store-fronts and signposts all help potential customers on the go to identify your brand in unique ways and create opportunities to stand out. Branded clothing and workwear enhance your branding presentation and professionalism.
  • Videos & Animation can be a great solution to explain your message, share case studies, demonstrate products or inform, promote and tell a story related to your brand products and services.

And more...

We did not want this presentation to be only a list of what we do... logo identity, branding, print, advertising, web and online media... adverts, flyers, promotional brochures, display graphics, infographics, illustrations, banners, annual report, book covers, invitations, event tickets, vouchers, post and referral cards, gift boxes, (product) packaging, labels... Therefore if you need anything special, feel free to get a quote, we look forward to hearing from you.

We love challenges and our work :)

p.s. Once the final payment has been received transfer of copyright and ownership of the selected final logo from us to you will be arranged by signing a form. This transfer of ownership excludes any previous logo ideas and concept (sketches) that were not used and remain under our copyright, including to use, market, publicize, promote the delivered work in our creative portfolio, inspiration galleries or other publications. There is also the possibility for NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) work, but separate portfolio release fees apply.

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